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 MyndJive is your 10-minute per day path to growth — empowering you how to clear your mind, to ‘tune in’ to yourself, everyone and everything around you….to elevate your life in weeks.


The MyndJive Movement


As a Jiver, you’ll learn your daily ritual to clear your mind, empowering you to step out of the past or future, to make the most out of this current moment. Then, you’ll be empowered with frameworks and skills to elevate all areas of your life, and join a community where you’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded Jivers.


Your Step-by-Step Path To Growth


Because you’re probably super busy in your day job, and 512,825 demands of life, we made it our job to study all of the gurus and all of the science motivation, happiness, meditation and spirituality. Then, we noodled on all the things, built and tested a legit, step-by-step roadmap. Your roadmap to elevate your life is now at your fingertips!


Your MyndJive Transformation

The MyndJive Transformation

Feel Like This? You Are Not Alone.

“I feel like my mind is noisy and I jump from thing to thing with a squirrel-like focus.”

“I want to ‘take time for myself’, but I have no idea where to start.”

“I feel like I’m always busy, always doing more….but, not really growing in my life.”

“I feel pretty happy overall, but something is missing….and, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“I’m always pleasing others first and just do what I think I am ‘supposed to’.”

“I’ve been staying in my relationship, but I’m not really happy.”

“I’m struggling with a relationship…always wishing the other person wasn’t so difficult.”

“I just wish I could find my passion…figure out why I am really here.”

“I’m not quite sure who I really am.”

“I’m worried that I’ll always be alone…and never find ‘the one’.”

“I have to be really hard on myself, because that’s the only way to keep getting better.”

“I’m worried that I’ll never be enough.”


Your Evolution…in Weeks

Feel less stressed/anxious — happier and more joyful!

Become friends with the voice in your head — empowering you to show up at 100%.

Feel more in control of your emotions when life happens — be able to respond how you want, instead of react.

Feel a deeper connection with yourself, everyone and everything around you — checked into the moment, not worried about the past or future.

Boost all areas of your life — be better relationships, clearer on your purpose/career, and simply better taking care of you and your body.


Listen To Jivers, Boosted Into Their Best Lives

These Jivers stepped up, worked the MyndJive plan, and now they’re living elevated lives. Listen to and feel their transformation and how they’re experiencing more connectedness with themselves and others, and more joy than ever before.


Nate, 30, Gym Manager & Coach

Emilia, 59, Business Professional


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