Learn more about  Tiffaney , Jiver & Creator

Learn more about Tiffaney, Jiver & Creator

Tiffaney, Jiver & Creator

Empowering others to live their best lives

Tiffaney is an entrepreneur, tenacious learner, mindset empowerment influencer. She plays at the intersection of social connection and health to empower people to live their best lives emotionally, mentally and physically through Trodo and MyndJive. Trodo is a fitness brand, that co-locates its facilities within companies to provide transformational and emotionally and financially accessible fitness experiences. MyndJive is a mindset empowerment brand, enabling people to find more connection with themselves and others, empowering them to show up as their best selves in relationships, at work and with their health.

Tiffaney’s Story

She’s had a plethora of life experience, both professionally and personally. Including working in a factory, serving in the military post 9/11, management consulting, a stint on reality TV, several entrepreneurial endeavors, and is now leaning into her ultimate life assignment, to empower millions of people through MyndJive.

Tiffaney has faced an array of tragedy and beauty along her path. After experiencing her father’s death in her arms, a family riddled with addiction, a marriage implosion and several toxic relationships, it all added up. Tiffaney hit bottom and then chose to tenaciously consume thousands of works from gurus on happiness, motivation, spirituality, etc. to find happiness again.  She searched endlessly, but there was no ‘how to’ guide or roadma, so she built one. Tiffaney leveraged the research, and the science to build, test and refine her own roadmap to lean into her best mental, emotional, and physical condition of her life. This is MyndJive, a 10-minute per day mindset program that she’s shared with many people across all walks of life, and has seen a similar transformation.

The Vision

Tiffaney is on a mission to empower millions to begin their path of enlightenment to live their best lives possible. MyndJive is designed to meet people where they are — to empower Jivers to understand and leverage the mind-body connection and to truly see and love themselves and everyone around them. At it’s core, MyndJive is a movement, a tidal wave of peace, connection and love that will forever change this world.