Learn more about  Tiffaney , Jiver & Creator

Learn more about Tiffaney, Jiver & Creator

 Tiffaney, Jiver & Creator

Tiffaney is an entrepreneur, tenacious learner, mindset empowerment coach and creator of MyndJive. She’s on a mission to empower millions to step out of day-to-day stress and into their true potential. Her expertise is artfully meeting people where they are to empower them to dramatically elevate their relationships, career, health and self-love in just 10-minutes per day.  

She’s had a plethora of life experience, both professionally and personally. Including serving in the military post 9/11, management consulting, a stint on reality TV, several entrepreneurial endeavors, and is now leaning into her ultimate life assignment, scaling MyndJive to millions.

Along the way, Tiffaney faced an array of personal challenges, and after hitting rock bottom, she dove into self-work out of pure necessity. She’s experienced death in her arms, a family riddled with addiction, a marriage implosion, toxic relationships and many other struggles along the way. After hitting bottom, she leveraged her super power --- to tenaciously learn to piece herself back together. This consumed thousands of works from gurus on happiness, motivation, spirituality, etc.  

But, there was no ‘how to’ guide, no roadmap, so she had to build one to rebuild herself and her happiness across all aspects of life. Tiffaney leveraged the research, and the science to build, test and refine her own approach to lean into her best mental, emotional, and physical condition of her life. She’s now on a mission share MyndJive, a magical, simple, streamlined framework to empower as many people as possible. Tiffaney is creating a movement – with millions of Jivers, elevating to their true potential and creating a tidal wave of connection and love that will forever change this world.