Ale, 32, Esthetician & Health Coach, Chicago, IL

Ale is 32 years old, lives in Chicago. She’s single and currently has 3 jobs - she’s an esthetician, works at a gym, and spends part of her spare time as a health coach and is wicked passionate about it. Ale is a beautiful soul, and a close friend of mine, and, I’ll tell you….she truly lights up a room with her energy.  Ale has faced several significant life challenges, including ending an 8-year relationship to find herself, and she traumatically lost her brother who lost his battle with addiction. 

Ale is on path to dig deep - to accept and learn from her past, and know, love and embrace her true self to make the most out of this life. She’s now passionate about taking care of herself — she works out, eats right, and now, she’s digging into MyndJive to lean into her true potential even more.


Nate, 30, Gym Manager & Coach, Chicago, IL

Nate is 30 years old, from Iowa originally and currently lives in Chicago. He is a single guy, full of heart, passion and tenacity. Nate is the leader of a tribe of athletes and a gym on the west side of Chicago. Nate is committed to growth - mentally, emotionally and physically -- to ultimately empower others to lead their best lives. 

Nate has always tenaciously pursued success, as society defines it — which includes the perfect job with all of the financial bliss. But now, Nate has truly connected with who he really is, redefined success, and has danced through pain that has been weighing him down for decades to find a new sense of happiness…and joy. This joy is his…self-created and unwavering, regardless of the bumps or bliss that life brings him along the way.


Emilia, 59, Business Professional, Chicago, IL

Emilia is 59 years old, originally from Bulgaria, now lives in Chicago, IL and is a business professional for a manufacturing company on the west side of Chicago. She’s been married 26 years, has two daughters and a 1-year old grandchild. She is a beautiful, joyful soul that radiates positive energy!

Along the way she's struggled with the stressors of life, frantically trying to keep up with the hustle at work, always striving to be the best mother and grandmother possible, while seeking more connection in her marriage, and aiming to improve her overall health and fitness. She’s now leaning out of the hustle of life, into the moment, and into the most beautiful version of herself.