Your MyndJive Roadmap

MyndJive is your step-by-step path to lean into the best version of you — empowering you to check into the moment, and train for happiness and joy, to love yourself and lean into your true potential. Every day, you’ll lean into your calm, be empowered with skills to bring to life every day and begin to feel a shift with your relationship with yourself, with others, and with life overall. Buckle up and get ready to gain more focus, time and momentum to finally do the things that matter most to you in this life.

Your Jiver Roadmap | Month 1

Week 1: Intro to Your Daily Jive

Week 2: Getting Into Flow w/Your Daily Jive

Week 3: Keep on Jivin’ and Your Trifecta Boost

Week 4: Expanding Your Jive

After month 1, the learning continues! New Jives (daily practice), Jiver Grooves (tools to improve your life) and Jiver Journeys (1:1 meetings w/Jivers like you) are continuously released

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