How MyndJive Works

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MyndJive is your step-by-step roadmap to lean into the best version of you — empowering you to handle stress to train for happiness. MyndJive empowers you to boost your relationships, career and your connection with yourself and your body, enabling you to finally show up how you’ve always wanted — as the best version of you.


Additional Jiver Learning

Jiver Journeys

Quick Jive: 4-minute Jive

Jiver Library: Additional Jiver Learning, by Topics

Jiver Boosts: relationships, body/health and career boosts (coming soon!)

Jiver Roadmap:

Elevate Your Life, Month 2

Coming soon!

Jiver Journeys

Tune in to hear other Jivers talk through their Jiver Journey 1:1 with Tiffaney — learn from their wins, bumps and all of the other goodness in between! You’ll learn a ton from hearing others walk the same path as you. If want to inspire, empower and truly just love helping others, then email to get 1:1 coaching, record / share your Jiver Journey with others!