We’ve seen ridiculously profound results, so we’re getting ready to put the finishing touches on this jam. But, we need your help! We’re looking for 10 new, fired up Jivers to be a part of our final Jiver pilot group. This is a one-time, 4-week dance, where you get a ton of extra value, so apply fast to get in on the action! We will select based on your level of commitment and excitement, and how quickly you apply. If you don’t get in this round, don’t fret….you will get you into this magic within the next few months!

After your 1st month as a Jiver, you will:

  • Feel less stressed/anxious — happier and more joyful!

  • Become friends with the voice in your head — empowering you to show up at 100%.

  • Feel more in control of your emotions when life happens — be able to respond how you want, instead of react.

  • Feel a deeper connection with yourself, everyone and everything around you — checked into the moment, not worried about the past or future.

  • Boost all areas of your life — be better relationships, clearer on your purpose/career, and simply better taking care of you and your body.

What you get w/this special pilot offer:

  • The MyndJive 10-minute per day roadmap via audio

  • 4, 60-minute coaching calls w/Tiffaney

  • Your Culture Index personality assessment

  • Unlimited email and text support

  • Local meetups w/Tiffaney with other Jivers to connect, learn and grow (currently Chicago only, and online)

Pricing: Standard (separate from pilot program) MyndJive pricing is $16 per month, without coaching, and $185 per coaching call.